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Place of origin
NANO JAPAN / JAPAN Condition New Product
Shipping From Domestic (Singapore)
Material Premium Grade organic Pinot noir 2010 vitis vinifera red grapes from Oregon, USA. Made in Japan.
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, JCB Card, PayPal, E-Nets, AXS, Convenience Store, Cash Deposit, Q·account
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.(98710628 /
Return/Exchange Need to return item to seller's address by using post office or other shipping service.
JANCode 4957699001534
Brief Description NANO RED WINE is 100% non-alcoholic. Brewed with Pinot Noir grapes from Oregon, USA and distilled in Japan, every glass of NANO RED WINE has health benefits equivalent to 7 glasses of actual red wine.
Product Functions [HEALTH] Boosts blood circulation. [SLIMMING] Gets rid of unsightly tummy. [COMPLEXION] Glow with radiance from within
Other Proven Benefits Reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure. Prevents heart diseases and stroke. Accelerates fats-burning. Recovers poor eyesight vision. Anti-aging with powerful proven antioxidants
Country of Origin ............. AUTHENTIC ♪ Organic Pinot noir grapes from Oregon, USA. Product 100% made in JAPAN
Active Ingredients ................ WINNER ♪ Natural Polyphenols, Resveratrol. Red Grape Skin, Grape Seed Extract
Content/ Bottle ................ BEST VALUE ♪ Gross Wt. 500ml per bottle. Bottle-ring secured with aluminum foil
How To Consume Drink 40ml to 50ml everyday after meal everyday for optimal results
Recommended Users Highly suitable for person aged 30 years and above. Stressful lifestyle, overweight, poor eating habit, sleeping difficulty
User Suitability Halal-Certified. 100% Non-Alcohol. Vegan-friendly
User Advisory Not known to have. Means it is good for everybody!!!

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Highly Recommend Prompt delivery, gd price and excellent quality

Just started on product 2days ago.

A. Item:[413186349] NANO Resvera 500ml (Made In Japan)

May 27, 2017

Recommend Fast delivery!

Great packaging! The red wine really taste like good, nice!

A. Item:[413186349] NANO Resvera 500ml (Made In Japan)

May 27, 2017

Highly Recommend Second time buying. Good for sleeping

Second time buying. Good for sleeping

A. Item:[413186349] NANO Resvera 500ml (Made In Japan)

May 26, 2017

Highly Recommend Trusted seller.

Wow.. Very very fast delivery .best seller.👍🌟

A. Item:[413186349] NANO Resvera 500ml (Made In Japan)

May 21, 2017 2

Highly Recommend great packaging. thank you!

great packaging. thank you!

A. Item:[413186349] NANO Resvera 500ml (Made In Japan)

May 19, 2017 1

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26906396 Jes****会员的咨询。 Jes******* 2017-05-18 Answered
26882374 Sugar ? Sweet ? coo******* 2017-05-16 Answered
Good afternoon, can Diabetes people can drink?

I had bought your nano collagen n detto.
Can Diabetes people can drink these too?

Sad: just inform by doc. that I had diabetes.
[Re] Sugar ? Sweet ?
Dear customer,
We understand your concern^^ NANO Detox uses Acesulfame potassium (ace K) as sweetener which is zero calorie, it does not stay inside the body plus it is also one of the few food flavors that are used for diabetic-friendly diet planning recommended by doctors/ nutritionist! :D Also, for diabetes patient, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND u to also take NANO Fucoidan. It was closely studied for its benefits in managing diabetes. As u may already know, diabetes cannot be cured but only managed of its impact and to reduce complications in particular inflammation, aggregation of blood platelets. These again are things that are treated symptomatically & cannot be removed from the chain reaction. NANO Fucoidan helps to keep inflammation & blood platelets aggregation risks to the minimum in the long-terms. In so doing, it can prolong the useful and quality of life of diabetic person. ^^ While NANO Collagen is zero-cholesterol, zero-saturated fats, zero-sugar added. It is without preservativ
[Re] Sugar ? Sweet ?
How about the red wine, suitable to drink too?
[Re] Sugar ? Sweet ?
Dear Customer,

Good morning to you. Nano resvera is without added sugar, red wine preservative like sulphite and is highly suitable for diabetic person. Resveratrol, as a key component, found in Nano Resvera was widely studied to provide anti-inflammatory protection (a big benefit for diabetic person) plus improving artery elasticity and dilation against heart-related diseases... :) Apart from that, it's also a great health drink that's suitable for anyone who wish to enjoy red wine without the alcohol intoxication! Each glass of Nano resvera can deliver up health/ beauty benefits equivalent to 7-glass of normal red wine! Isn't it awesome!!! ^^D

Hope these information helps! Write to us if you have further question and we'll try our very best to help out :)

Have a nice day ahead!

[Re] Sugar ? Sweet ?
Thank you for your reply.
Already order.
[Re] Sugar ? Sweet ?
Dear Customer,

Good afternoon and thank you so much for your big support!!!! ^^ Anyway, we will process your order as soon within this two days! Hope you will receive your parcel real soon : )

Thank you and have a great Friday ya~ ^^
26824567 Ask some question lin******* 2017-05-12 Answered
Can pregnant woman drink this wine?
[Re] Ask some question
Dear Customer,

Good morning to you!~
Well, Nano red wine is fully-tested to be safe for anyone including expecting mothers, lactating women to take without any worries! ^^D

Please be rest assured and do have a great FRIYAYYY too! ^^D

26715615 Inquiry for the item from hel**** hel******* 2017-05-03 Answered
hi how do we drink it.... I bought 6 bottles of it and it wrote 3 times a week for adults but review and recommendations say every night. kindly advise...

how old.can the children take and can it be daily too?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from hel****
Dear Customer,
Good afternoon to you. Thank you soooooo much for your wonderful purchase and also taking advantage of the recent unprecedented sales promo!!! :D For Nano Resvera, which is the world's first and best non-alcoholic pinot noir "red wine", it is a very versatile beauty & health drink. For person who wish to lose some weight, it is preferred to drink daily after meal like lunch or dinner. For someone who wish to enjoy a better sleep, he/ she may also enjoy it 30mins before bed nightly or on certain nights. :) For people who looks to improve blood circulation, it cam be taken 3-4 times a week. So as you can see, it is very flexible. In fact, for some lactating mummy, we also found that it can help to induce more milk too!!! (probably due to the better metabolism and breaking down of solid food and turning it into breast milk). :) For children, they are also able to enjoy it like half a glass each time for improving of heart and blood circulation for a more active growth! ^^D
26694150 Inquiry for the item from zhe**** zhe******* 2017-05-01 Answered
For the best results, is it better to drink in the afternoon or at night before sleeping?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from zhe****
Dear Customer,
Good afternoon to you. Thank you very much for your enquiry about NANO Resvera - world's first and best non-alcoholic pinot noir, from Japan! :D Depending on your preference of results, for fats-burning, it's best to drink after a meal. For better sleep, it's best to drink 30-60mins before bed. In fact, if you wish to focus better for work and/ or study, you can even drink it along as you are doing the brain-work too! :D
26677391 Inquiry for the item from jan**** jan******* 2017-04-30 Answered
Can drink during menstruction?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from jan****
Dear Customer,

Good afternoon to you~ This is a commonly asked question. :) Well, probably unknown to many menstrual period is a time when unwanted materials are due to be removed/ purged from the woman body. It is also the same time when nutrients are much required. The choice/ or dilemma of whether it is suitable or not to take during this period is when the nature of the foods whether it is "heaty" or "cooling" or even "moistened". While NANO Resvera is a food, it is not exactly one that has the particular characteristics of the above. However, nutritionally speaking, it helps to boost blood circulation and even helps to eliminate free-radicals responsible for aging! It can also aid in metabolism balancing to burn fats faster. So, it is definitely a very suitable drink to enjoy throughout the month and MORE SO during the menstrual period!. :) Hope the above advices u well! Happy Monday!!! ^^3

26672362 Inquiry for the item from Sya**** Sya******* 2017-04-30 Answered
Hi. I intend to buy some bottles, however, your title says 12.90 but it's 16++ in the cart?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from Sya****
Dear Customer,

Good morning and thank you for interest.
Currently we are having Time sale and the price will be from time to time (10AM-5PM) as per stated, and you might login to our NANO Resvera listing a little too earlier.. Anyway, please logout and refresh your page, then re-login and you will see the SUPER LOW PRICE EVER for NANO Resvera!! No kidding! Try now^^

In case you wish to know, maximum is 6 bottles per purchase/ per cart (Luckily is not per day). If you wish to grab 12 bottles of NANO Resvera, please separate them into 2 carts to enjoy this low low low low fare EVER!! Hope this tips helps you save more^^

Thank you and Happy Shopping : )
26671698 Inquiry for the item from lim**** lim******* 2017-04-29 Answered
When is the expiry date?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from lim****
Dear Customer,

Good morning and thank you for interest.
No expiry. Like any other normal red wines, you will definitely not expect for any expiration date as the longer as it is kept, it’ll just taste as nice as long as you wish to keep it! Also, after opening of bottle please replace the cap tightly and store it in the fridge like any other red wine as exposure to air and sun for long periods of time will damage the antioxidants. Also when not stored in the fridge, it can promote yeast infection and growth, which will give you big white molds inside the bottle. When not opened, store the bottle in a dark, dry and away from sunlight. Hope all these information helps. If you have any other concerns, do write to us!

Have a nice and pleasant day.


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