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  • How to report Return/Exchange claim

    How to report Return/Exchange claim

    Return/Exchange : Available within 7 days after being delivered.

    1. Defected/Shortage/Wrong item (Cancel/Refund)

    Please go to MyQoo10 > Shopping list > Cancel/Refund and click the cart number and Apply Return or Exchanged under Apply & Remark.

    Return process : Whether customer already returned item back to seller or not and Select the reason for return and submitted.

                                Step 1. Enter information : customer already returned item back to seller or not.
                                Step 2. Check Refund Amount : check refund amount and Submit for Return 
                                Step 3. Returned Completed

    Exchanged : Select the reason for exchange and provide required information submitted.
                         Step 1. Enter information : select the reason for exchanged.
                         Step 2. Exchange Completed

    2. Inquiry to Qoo10 customer center directly

    Item Return/Exchange is allowed 7 days after you have received items only within the date the order was confirmed with proof provided for the claim

    Shortage/Wrong item
    Customer need to provide us the picture of received items and parcel package.

    Defected item
    Customer need to provide us the picture of defected items and parcel package.
    (electronic item need to provide Short video showing the item is defects.)

    Exchanged Size
    Customer needs to provide us the picture of wrong size items by showing the measurements include size information from item page.
    Please take the measurement with a tape measure and also include the photo of the parcel package to check your case with the seller and in order for us to liaise strongly regarding the wrong size issue.

  • Payment methods

    The listed payment methods are available for making purchases through Qoo10

    1) Credit Card : Card payments are processed electronically. Mastercard, Visa card payments are accepted at Singapore Qoo10 site.

    2) Paypal : If you already have a paypal account, this option can be selected for purchasing.

    3) PayLah : This is personal mobile wallet which allows customer to perform funds transfer via a mobile number. To use PayLah payment service, PayLah app should be installed on personal mobile.

    4) E-nets (Real time bank transfer via I-Banking) : This method is only available for customers that has a I-Banking account. Available Bank you can transfer from (DBS/POSB/UOB/Citi Bank). To learn more about e-Nets, Click here.

    5) AXS : Visit the nearest AXS machine station and login with your Qoo10 ID  & password to select menu for payment to Qoo10.

    6) 7-Eleven (Convenience store cash payment) : A barcode will be provided when this method is chosen. Go to the nearest 7-Eleven store to scan the barcode and make the payment. For 7-Eleven payments it might take 48 hours for cash processing. *Keep the payment receipt for reference.

    7) Bill Payment : For customers that have a DBS or POSB account or credit card, select Qoo10 name to continue for payment. Make sure to check that the corporation code and company name (Qoo10) listed is matching. The corporation code might be different depending on the bank channel, if it shows up under name other than Qoo10, do not proceed for payment.

    8) Direct Cash Deposit : This process is done by ATM cash deposit or I-Banking to our Qoo10 DBS account. (Qoo10 protects your payment by Escrow service till trade complete.) *Keep the payment receipt for reference.

    9) Q-money : Check that you have equal or more than the payment amount for this payment method. The available balance will be shown by [Net amount] in the payment information screen.

    Important notes :
    - Please read the < Note > section that displays when each payment method is selected in the payment information screen as this contains important and useful information regarding the chosen payment methods.
    - Once you have selected a payment method, it cannot be changed. Please do not make a payment different from the chosen method as the payment will not be matched successfully with the order.
    - If you would like to do a different payment method from the originally chosen method, you would need to make a new order and then choose the new payment method.
    - Only cash payment methods (i.e.: i-banking transfers, virtual accounts) can now be paid with a credit card. Choose this option for pending cash payments by clicking the pay by card button in the payment information screen.

  • How to check the cancelled orders

    In order for you to check your cancelled order, sign in Qoo10 first with your Qoo10 ID(or email) and password.

    Then click the "my Qoo10" button(on the right top of the page), "shopping list" button and cancel/refund tab.

    If you choose the "cancel/refund" status", you can check recently cancelled orders.


     If you could not find cancelled order, please try to check whether date range has been correctly set.

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