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Adult Kick Scooter (3 wheels)
Adult Kick Scooter (3 wheels)
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  • Question : My order for a Adult Kick Scooter2014-10-26

    Hi Seller,

    I've placed an order for a adult 3 wheel kick scooter since 23rd Oct 14. Payment has also completed, but, my order status is still reflecting as "on request". Is this because of stock availability? If so, please kindly advice on estimated delivery time-frame. I've also noticed that the your site is now indicating "Sold Out" for this item. Please advise on the next course of action. Thanks.

  • Question : Availability2014-10-23

  • Question : Interested2014-09-27

  • Question : 3-wheel scooter for adult2014-05-03

  • Question : product discount2014-04-02

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