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FAQ Account

  • What is the Qnumber ?

    Qnumber is a unique user number to identify when user transfers money to Qoo10 bank account and when user applies event and use Qtalk to call directly.

    Customer can check Qnumber on personal info under MyQoo10.  


    .Web : MyQoo10 > My info > Personal Info > Qnumber


    .Mobile Apps : Qbox > My Info > Personal Info > Qnumber

  • What is the Q·stamp?

    Q·stamp is the benefit provided by Qoo10 and sellers to increase customer loyalty.  

    Customers are able to enjoy various events Qoo10 is providing with Q·stamp they earned such as exchanging Qpoint with Qstamps and participating lucky draw events etc.

    If you want to know the related event for Qstamps, kindly click HERE.

  • What is Qpoint and how is it used?

    Registered buyers can earn Qoo10 Qpoint by clicking "confirm delivery" button in [Shopping List]. 

    Please remember that you should click on "Confirm delivery" button to confirm that the item has been delivered successfully.

    You will receive Qpoint equivalent to 1% of your purchase price (i.e. S$5.00 purchase = 5 points) up to maximum of 10 Qpoints per purchase.

    And there is currently one event where the Qpoint is available to use.

    The different coupon packs can be purchased by Qpoint. Kindly click HERE  for the detailed info.

    And Qpoint can be used to waive the payment upon orderding at the payement step.

    Kindly check the condition to use the Qpoint below.

    1. maximum up to 30% of the total purchase amount is able waive off by Qpoint, minimum required Qpoint is 100 up to 500 points.

    2. Qpoint application is base on 100 points per unit.(100 Qpoints equivalent for S$1.00).

    3. Usable Qpoint: the Qpoint must be obtained from purchase which has marked as delivered for more than 7 days.

  • How can I use discount coupon?

    You can find the button "Use my coupons " next to the item price. If you click the button you can check coupon you have and apply it.

    1. Please click the coupon button and purchase an item before closing the corresponding window.

    2. Please check the expiration date, discount rate/amount, and conditions.

    3. Discount coupon will be applied only on one item. (one item type) but Cart coupon will be applied on several items in your cart at once.

    4. Minimum purchase should be more than the original single selling price on the item page. (option price and shipping price are not included)

    5. You cannot use a discount coupon to purchase an auction item.

    6. It is impossible to apply the coupon on the discounted item.(Cannot be overlapped)

    7. Please note that coupons will not be restored when you cancel or return the items.

    8. For the shipping coupon, it is based on lowest shipping price only.
    ( If there is the option for free shipping provided by the seller, shipping coupon can not be applied)

  • How do I get Q·stamps?

    Q-stamps is the benefit provided by Qoo10 and sellers to increase customer loyalty.
    Customers are able to exchange 1 Q-stamps to 10 Qpoint on Qlounge and charge Qtalk Callpoint with Q-stmaps (it cannot revert exchanged Qtalk Callpoint into Q-stamps).
    Customers also able to get the item from Q-chance Sale by exchanging Q-stamps for items at no cost.
    If you would like to see how many Q·stamps you have, please go to My Qoo10 - Q-account - Q-stamp

    There are various ways to get Q·stamps.
    1. Purchasing items on the site: Q·stamps will be issued once the customer completes order if the seller applied Q·stamps as a promotion to the item.  The customer is able to check on the item description page if the Q·stamps are applied to the item by the seller (Feedback Reward).
    2. Write a review : Please write a review after having received the item.  Go to My Qoo10 >> Shopping list and find an related order then click on 'confirm delivery' to be linked to review page.
    For normal reviews (without photo/video), 1 Q-stamp is issued.
    For premium reviews (with photo/video), additional 1 Q-stamp is issued
    3. Participating events : Participate events Qoo10 is providing to win discount coupons, Q·stamps, MameQ and Callpoint every day.

    To go to event page

  • Buyer Grade Information

    A member’s accumulated credit points are used to determine one’s membership level.

    Membership level standard conditions :
    1. Not accountable by the quantity of the item but by the purchase of each different item for purchase order.
    2. Net purchase amount is accounted for the actual amount spent. It may differ from the purchase item total.

    3. If there is a high rate of cancelled orders, membership upgrade is not possible.
    4. Changes in the level of membership take effect on the 1st day of every month.

    You can check your credit point on MyQoo10 > My info > My credit point > click on details.

    1. Buyer Grade Information

    2. Details of issued or deducted for the credit points.


  • What is the Q·cash?

    Q·cash is a kind of cyber money for the seller's account only that you can use at Qoo10.

    You can't purchase item with Q-cash, but you can use Q-cash to advertise your item to sell such as plus item, auction, and etc.

    To purchse Q-cash, kindly go to My Qoo10 > Qaccount > Qcash > Qcash purchase. (100 Q∙Cash = S$1 )

  • what is Qtoken?

    It is a benefit from Qoo10 that you can receive when purchase an item or participate in events.

    How to receive Qtoken

    1. Rate premium review:  Rate the helpfulness of a premium review.

    2. Subscribe to Qoo10 newsletter: Subscribe and receive it.
    3. Share Item: Click on ‘Share’ button in item description page under title image.
    4. Share discount coupon: Send your coupon as a gift to friends.

    How to use Qtoken:

    Participate in lucky auction with Qtokens. For lucky auction, click HERE

  • What is Q-Ticket?

    Q-ticket is kind of ticket to join in the event hence if you have more Q-ticket, you can have more chance to participate the event related.

    when you purchase the item, you can get a Q-ticket for your recent order. (min order $1.00, within 15 days)

    Daily attendance Q-ticket is only valid until 12pm the next day and you can play RouletteQ up to 3 times per day.


    For more info, kindly click the following URL.

  • MameQ

    What is MameQ?

    MameQ is a special benefit from Qoo10 which can be earned by joining in our events. It is used for bidding in Lucky Auction / Lucky Price.

    There are three types of MameQ:  Green    Silver     Gold 


    Todays Lucky Price Item bid = Green MameQ. Other bid requirements are indicated in



    How to get MameQs

    1. Roulette Q :  You can earn MameQs by playing our RouletteQ for a chance to win

    2. Attendance Prize : Log in everyday to Qoo10 and click on Attendance card stamp to to receive Qpoint.




    Exchanging MameQ

    You can exchange your Silver and Gold MameQs by converting it for more green MameQs.

    Go to our Lucky Lounge > Lucky Zone tab to do this.



    1 Silver MameQ -> 5 Green MameQ

    1 Gold MameQ   -> 10 Green MameQ



    Do MameQs expire?

    Yes. MameQs is valid for 6 months. It will expire on the last day of that month.

    You can check on the expiration date of your MameQs by going to MyQoo10 > Qtoken/MameQ > Expiring soon

  • How to withdraw the balance in Q-account?

    You can ask for the withdrawal from Qaccount to your personal bank account on My Qoo10.

    It usually takes 2-3 working days to be reflected in your bank account.

    if we receive withdrawal request after cut-offhours, in weekend or holiday, we may process it on next funds-transfer business day.

    Check withdrawal status at My Qoo10 >> Qaccount >> Qmoney details.

    1.Login to Qoo10 site and go to My Qoo10

    2.Click to Q-accountto open your account page

    3.Go to withdraw tap on your Qmoney

       * popup to set Q-account Password to secure your account

    4. clicking My Account to register the personal  bank info

    5. Input the amount and click on apply

  • What is the benefit for the review and premium review?

    How to write a premium review

    On the first submit:
    - For normal reviews(without photo/video) : if the purchase price is over $3, one Qstamp is issued.
    - For premium reviews(with photo/video) : if the purchase price is over $3, two Qstamp is issued.

    (purchase price  = selling price + option price - discount amount)  shipping price is not included

    Editing from normal to premium review : 1 Qstamp (normal review) + Bonus 1 Qstamp (photo addition)

    Issued Qstamps can be viewed in the MyQoo10 > Qstamp
    Normal Review : Item Review (Order no. xxxxxxxx)
    Premium Review : Premium Review (Order no. xxxxxxxx)


    . Normal review can be edited to premium review by submitting a photo

    . The photo cannot be deleted for the premium review
    . Newly updated context from normal to premium is reflected (Normal and premium similiar texts are displayed)

    If multiple orders have been made of the same item code on the same day, reward will be given only once.

    (The benefits may change depending on the circumstance)

  • How to create seller account?

    If you already registered as a buyer, click below and log into seller registration page.

                                                Seller register