Qprime Club

About Coupon Book

  1. You can download coupons for Membership valid duration(for 6 months from the day you purchased it). (*)A coupon you downloaded is valid for 15 days and you cannot cancel it. (*)Coupon book will be expired automatically after usage limit.
  2. You can also download the coupons at My Coupon List ≫ Q-Prime Club My Coupon List
  3. Coupon is not applicable to special discounted items like Time Sale / Daily Deal / Qchance, etc.
  4. Including delivery coupon, you can use 1 coupon per 1 cart.
  5. We sell only 1,000 Memberships in a month.
Live10 App

Make Free Calls on Live10
to anyone, anywhere!

  1. Group Conference
  2. Free 1:1 phone call
  3. Provides Callpoint which is available to use free
    local/international calls. Call Rates(Live10 -> Phone) >>
Use Info
-Prime membership : 300 Callpoints