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How to report Return/Exchange claim

How to report Return/Exchange claim

Return/Exchange : Available within 7 days after you have received the items 

1. Defective/Shortage/Wrong item (Cancel/Refund)

Please go to MyQoo10 > Shopping list > Cancel/Refund and click the cart number and Apply Return or Exchanged under Apply & Remarks.

Return process : This is the process to determine whether the customer has already returned item to seller or not. This is also the step to Select the reason for return.

                            Step 1. Enter information of the return status (have you returned item to seller?) 
                            Step 2. Check Refund Amount : check refund amount and Submit for Return 
                            Step 3. Returned Completed

Exchanged : Select the reason for exchange and provide required information submitted.
                     Step 1. Enter information : select the reason for exchanged.
                     Step 2. Exchange Completed

2. Inquiry to Qoo10 customer center directly

"Item Return/Exchange is allowed within 7 days after receiving the items "

Shortage/Wrong item
Customer need to provide us the picture of received items and parcel package.

Defective item
Customer need to provide us the picture of defective items and parcel package.
(electronic item need to provide Short video showing the item is defects.)

Incorrect Size
Customer needs to provide us the picture of wrong size items by showing the measurements and size information that was advertised in the item page.
Please take the measurement with a measurement tape and also include the photo of the parcel package in order for us to help you to dispute your case with the seller.

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