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Payment methods

* Bill payments are no longer available since MAY, 2018

The listed payment methods are available for making purchases through Qoo10

1) Credit Card : Card payments are processed electronically. Mastercard, Visa card payments are accepted at Singapore Qoo10 site.

2) Paypal : If you already have a paypal account, this option can be selected for purchasing.

3) PayLah : This is personal mobile wallet which allows customer to perform funds transfer via a mobile number. To use PayLah payment service, PayLah app should be installed on personal mobile.

4) E-nets (Real time bank transfer via I-Banking) : This method is only available for customers that has an I-Banking account. Available Banks you may transfer from (DBS/POSB/UOB/Citi Bank). To learn more about e-Nets, Click here.

5) AXS : Visit the nearest AXS machine station and login with your Qoo10 ID  & password to select menu for payment to Qoo10.

6) 7-Eleven (Convenience store cash payment) : A barcode will be provided when this method is chosen. Go to the nearest 7-Eleven store to scan the barcode and make the payment. For 7-Eleven payments it might take 48 hours for cash processing. *Keep the payment receipt for reference.

7) Direct Cash Deposit : This process is done by ATM cash deposit or I-Banking to our Qoo10 DBS account. (Qoo10 protects your payment by Escrow service till trade complete.) *Keep the payment receipt for reference.

8) Q-money : Check that you have equal or more than the payment amount for this payment method. The available balance will be shown by [Net amount] in the payment information screen.

Important notes :
- Please read the < Note > section that displays when each payment method is selected in the payment information screen as this contains important and useful information regarding the chosen payment methods.
- Once you have selected a payment method, it cannot be changed. Please do not make a payment different from the chosen method as the payment will not be matched successfully with the order.
- If you would like to do a different payment method from the originally chosen method, you would need to make a new order and then choose the new payment method.
- Only cash payment methods (i.e.: i-banking transfers, virtual accounts) can now be paid with a credit card. Choose this option for pending cash payments by clicking the pay by card button in the payment information screen.

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