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How does the refund process work?

1) Paypal Express checkout
PayPal credits the refund according to how the original payment was made.
If you used a credit card, PayPal credits your credit card. If you used a funding source other than a credit card, your PayPal balance will receive the credit.
Please note, refunds to credit cards can take up to 30 days to appear on your statement.

2) Credit Card
If you made an order and paid by credit card(Visa/Master), the credit card transaction will be automatically cancelled. However, period for refund may differ depending on the billing cycle of your credit card company.
Many credit card companies have in their terms that they have the right to take few weeks to credit your account with a refunded amount.
Even if your credit card company already charged you the fund, you don't have to worry about the refund. Your credit card company will deduct it from next card billing amount.
(Or if you have an online account for that credit card, you might see the refunded amount already, but it may still be being processed.)
※ Important: For paypal and credit card, if the refund has been delayed after 60days of making a payment, you will get the refund to your Qaccount.

3) PayLah
If you made an order and paid by PayLah, your money will be refunded into Paylah mobile wallet.
Please note, refund will take immediately into Paylah mobile wallet once order has been cancelled.
Any other failed transaction by PayLah will automatically refund into PayLah mobile wallet.
※ Important: If un-placed order via Paylah case or any other failed transaction will be refunded automatically within 1 hour to Paylah account.

4) Qaccount (Cash Balance)
Whether you have used the Qoo10-Protected Cash Transfer, Real time Cash transfer via I-banking (e-Nets) or Qaccount as payment method, your money will be refunded into cash balance of Qaccount.
Once the money is refunded to your Qaccount, you can do shopping with your balance in Qaccount for ypur next purchase.
If you want to withdraw the fund in Qaccount, go to [My Qoo10] > [Qaccount] > [Qmoney] > [Withdraw] to transfer the balance from Qaccount into your personal bank account. (It may take 2~3 working days)

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