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Payment Settlement

When you pay using PayPalcredit card or bank transfer, the funds are received by Qoo10 and then transferred to the seller based, in principle, on the buyer’s confirmation that the sale and delivery has been completed. Upon confirmation, Qoo10 transfers the funds to the seller on the first Thursday after 14 business days have elapsed. The 14-day-period may be adjusted according to the seller’s transaction performance and credit rating. In case there is a dispute over the receipt of delivery between the buyer and the seller, Qoo10 may investigate and resolve the dispute. This method of payment greatly reduces the risk of fraud and increases buyer satisfaction.

* Buyers receive and inspect the products before the seller is paid.

* Sellers receive their money if the buyer accepts the products, or the inspection period expires. 

*Buyers should confirm the delivery of orders so that Qoo10 can settle payments with sellers. You can earn Qoo10 Mileage equivalent to 1% of the purchase price (up to a maximum of 10 miles per purchase) when you click the "Confirm delivery" button on your My Qoo10 page.



Payment methods Help Guide

Payment methods comparison
Qoo10 Trading Platforms

We believe our trading platforms engage both sellers and buyers in a personal and fulfilling trading experience

** 3 distinct trading platforms:

1. Fixed Price allows potential buyers to purchase listed products at a fixed price.
2. Fixed Price with Options is similar to the Fixed Price platform, except that sellers (or Qoo10, at its own cost) may elect to link the product to one or more discount features, such as discount coupons or Qstamps.
3. The Auction platform allow potential buyers bid for the listed items. At the end of the auction period (max. 30 days), the highest bid above a minimum price set by the seller wins the auction.

** Categories:

We update our product categories from time to time to ensure they stay relevant to our sellers. Merchants should place their products in the most suitable category available.



Qoo10 introduction

Qoo10 is a proven online trading platform for businesses and individual sellers. In Korea, 3 million visitors buy and sell products on Qoo10 every day with more than 700,000 transactions daily! Why is Qoo10 so successful? One reason is that Qoo10 is as credible and trustworthy as shopping at bricks-and-mortar shops.
Qoo10 payment is powered by an Escrow System whereby payments made by customers are being safetly kept by Qoo10 and subsequently released to sellers after buyer’s confirmation that the sale and delivery has been completed. This greatly reduces the risk of fraud, while increasing buyer satisfaction. In case there is a dispute over the delivery issues between the buyer and the seller, Qoo10 may investigate and resolve the dispute. Users have the confidence to buy and sell online!


Fun and Profitable Shopping with Qoo10!
Enjoy daily Qoo10 events and save even more with free discount coupons, Qpoints and Qstamps. You can collect discount coupons by trading in Qstamps or visiting pages that issues discount coupons.


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