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About Qoo10 Curator Reward Program

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What is Qoo10 Curator reward Program?

Share your shopping know-how and Get rewarded.

Curator Reward Program rewards curators for sharing any Qoo10 shopping contents to external sites or Live10 by Qoo10 affiliate fee and also for ShoppingTalk activities such as creating post, theme and bazaar for seller affiliate items by Item Referral Fee.

Curator Earning =
Qoo10 Affiliate Fee [1~2%]
Item Referral Fee [~10%]

Qoo10 Affiliate Fee is 2% if sales transaction occurs through links at non Qoo10 sites, 1% for sales through Live10 and special discount items. Item Referral Fee will be added if item with seller affiliate fee set by sellers is sold through ShoppingTalk pages [post, theme, bazaar] or external share links.

User Guide

Start Your Curating Activities

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Setup Bazaar to sell your items and sellers to list for affiliate earning