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So So
D cup
F cup
G cup
»as you please!«
Saki san (27 years old)
4 cup UP
↓ ↓ ↓
2 cups before bedtime
1 day: drinking 10 g each 【Total 3 bags drinking】»4 cups UP success !!«

Mr. Reina (23 years)
2 cup UP
↓ ↓ ↓
1 cup
1 day before bedtime : drink 5 g each 【Total 2 bags drinking】»2 cups UP success !!«
This milk tea is in
[24 Type of
cosmetic ingredients up to
a large amount blended !! /

4 large breasts

, dripping milk
-churn milk
, asymmetry milk
, skinny milk

of middle-aged bust problem also »fully resolved !!«

Not recommended to drink during
※ order to develop the breast bust active ingredient of even 20 types is forced to induce the female hormone will.
During the physiological
hormone secretion is dangerous! «Too more»

That sort of sex appeal senior
● Kei Sun is
34 years old and
active cup E! Cup! "I really ... E cup! "

Hormone large amounts in
secretion make
"breast milk tea" If even 20 generations in their 30s even in their 40s rather than age relationship the bust will continue to nurture
▼ ▼ ▼
also a button fully open "permanent flat-chested" A smaller than a AA cup ...!

2 cup UP realization in 14 days of drinking !!  

AA to E cup !!
↓ ↓ ↓
[Masaharu (26 years old)]

3 cup UP realization in 30 days of drinking !! / From

B to ⇒ F cup !!
↓ ↓ ↓
[Minami-sama (33 years old)]

Product classification Bust UP effect
First place in the bast gel category "2"
First place in the bust supplement division "3"

GraMaDonna Royal Milk Tea
comprehensive bust UP
No. 1

Unlimited in

13-year-old to 17-year-old about to happen
commonplace of the growth period

without age relationship
»forced realization« is
▼ ▼ ▼
(※ bust development graph) further!
If it is not tasty it makes no sense!

Traditionally the UK for
afternoon tea the lavishly reproduced / thoroughly also in taste to obsessed "thick milk tea" is!

However, drinking too much is very dangerous .
Please be sure to drink up to 1 cup a day .

Breast breeding 1st place
Track record with the
"breast milk tea" in the

Absorption in the body
Dramatically up make

[fermentation process] of
 Ingredients including
■ Agua
■ Chest Tree
■ Pomegranate
■ Wild Yum

total of 30 type stuff
"bust component" a to only one cup [[condensation!]]

phenomenal of
"Big of" a
!! has been achieved , however in "intense" for too handed in too much bulge Please note

Up at least
10 cm or more ↑
This means that the
on that has been convinced

by self-responsibility
, please use

[300 limited]
※ when it is sold out, regardless of the period
will be closing the page
▼ ▼ ▼

chest trouble is
not only teenage!

GraMaDonna Royal Milk Tea the
rejuvenation indispensable to

"cosmetic ingredients" also
large amount of compounding! /
※ There are almost 24 varieties such as Super Food "Tiger Nuts Acai" and "Collagen · Placenta · Swallow's nest" which were hardly blended in past bust products !

Tits-dripping milk
in any trouble
solved at once !!

needed to bust UP
growth period of the
forced cause !!

the growth of the bust
does not stop!
Please also see the voices of other successful people

"34 years old · OL  "
 It seems that I do not feel erotic in infant body form ... It is flapped to former curry for such reasons but I'm enthusiastic about someday becoming a boyfriend ! I do not know. At that time my friend who was a small tits friends suddenly saw my chest grow bigger I also purchased "GraMaDonna Royal Milk Tea" immediately !! Sweet and delicious ♪ The result is 3 cups from B to E UP !! Short term Because I wanted to make it bigger, I slept at 10 o'clock every day. Even now it is still growing !

"1 cup a day! Honest fearful " 24 years · Temporary employee
 It is not as embarrassing to enter a bath with a friend or to be boyfriend with her boyfriend. Besides, it is somewhat sagging ... miserable form. It was a complex all the time. I heard one cup a day but if I keep drinking 2 or 3 cups a day I worry that it will be true I got scaled honestly at 1 cup pace a day . My boyfriend is surprised too much and drinking too much I'm angry, but it gets bigger but it seems to be happy ♪

"Completely too full" ... 31 years old · OL
C cup Is not it suitable? I started drinking because I hated It and wanted to get a little bigger ... But when I noticed it becoming more and more deck G cup ... Is this growing up in my 30's? I'm impatient. Also, thanks to beauty ingredients, I rejuvenate my skin and appearance, and my colleagues in my company are suspected of being a breast augmentation surgery . I did not mean to be like this, but I guess I'm gonna be totally disgusted by men (lol) I will have a new and different life!

"Overdoing and shaking" 20 years old ·
Milk tea arriving to the student 's sister seemed delicious, so if you drink it without permission it will make my heart grow big, so I am surprised! It is quite troubled because it is embarrassing to shake when running around F cup . My older sister was very angry but it is tasty, so I sometimes drink Coolsori (lol)

● prescriptions
● drinking method
absolutely strict observance

a day
1 cup of
your drink sweet and rich milk tea ♪
Any chance
The speed at which the swell of the bust
if you feel any problem...

※ Please stop drinking

standard differs from the product that you are half- finished up to now

Up at least
10 cm or more ↑

Please use it at your own risk
to the last after being

convinced of doing

Breast of fat the
((!! inflating))

◆ Full appearance of breast augmentation mechanism at bedtime

[Secretion power] and
[Expansion power] to
draw out to the utmost !!
↓ ↓ ↓
◎ promoting growth hormone ⇒ sleep effect

Massive secretion of growth hormone is necessary to activate the mammary gland and increase the bust .
Sleep has the effect of promoting the secretion of growth hormone, its concentration is five times normal ! It is!
Stages 3 to 4 which are non-REM sleep. Another condition called "Xu wave Sleep" is
the timing to cause massive growth hormone secretion . Therefore, some people feel the bust swelling at
this stage .

◎ Expansion power up ⇒ Component absorption effect

Even if growth hormone is secreted at all , breasts will not be grown unless it works on the lactogen receptor in the mammary gland .
Here is the reason why the bust did not become large until now.
Fermentation Pueraria and other 20 kinds of high concentration bust active ingredients regulate the hormone balance and expand the mammary gland. Expansion of mammary adipose tissue and growing glaring busts promote bust UP!
However, during menstruation the amount of secretion increases too much and it is dangerous so please stop drinking.

[Moderate sleeping stage]
Three stage stage

11 p.m. -
【Deep sleeping period】
4 step stages

am - 2 am
After that
at the time of slow-wave sleep
the bust
!! only grow !!

After 3 to 4 hours apart dinner
should be drinking on an empty stomach

while sleeping
hormone secretion growth !!

bust size you want
it to training !!

20 kinds of large amount of
ingredients to expand the bust

◆ soy isoflavones
about 10 times the isoflavones using a germ portion contains. A component indispensable for making a woman's body .

◆ Agua extract Extract a lot of plant estrogen , which acts very much like female hormone (estrogen)
best suited for UP effect, and even beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, and so on.
In Peru outback where we eat aguae every day , it is up to incredible phenomenon that "one in ten men of Nantes male is one" .

◆ Chest tree
Work directly on the pituitary gland which is the center of the chest tree hormone, promoting the secretion of the progesterone hormone "progesterone" , a female hormone . And even more effective to bust UP encourage even development of the mammary gland .

◆ Pomegranate fruit juice If
female hormone decreases it will cause ptosis. However pomegranate contains natural estrogen itself so female hormone increases. Bust UP has an effect .

In addition, the active

ingredients that prepare female hormones large amount combination !! /

Black Cohosh
◆ Wild Yom
◆ Colloquium
◆ End of Cabbage
◆ Red Clover Extract
◆ Hop End
◆ Saw
Norwegi Pear Seed Extract ◆ Jamu
◆ Maka Lake
◆ Boron
◆ End of Fuel
◆ Arginine
◆ Vitamin B6
◆ Vitamin E
◆ Rhodiola Extract
"GraMaDonna Royal Milk Tea" is

24 Type of
up to cosmetic ingredients
»a large amount blended !!«

4 large tits

dripping milk
churn milk
asymmetry milk
skinny milk

rejuvenate the whole body
bust "expansion force" a
further Increase !!

▼ ▼ ▼
◆ Tiger nut Vitamin E
with strong antioxidant activity is 2.5 times more than almond . Removing active oxygen and rejuvenating tremendously !

◆ Acai Extract A strong antioxidant action is said to be
fruit for anti-aging, eliminating skin troubles such as spots · wrinkles · sagging .

◆ Resveratrol
Prevent oxidation of cells and improve skin elasticity . It has the effect of keeping it healthy and youthful .

◆ Swallow nest extract Activates
skin cells and normalizes turnover. It prevents aging and regains youthfulness .

◆ Placenta
◆ Collagen
◆ Hyaluronic acid
It promotes metabolism, enhances moisture, improves elasticity of the skin, etc. Various skin beautifying effects can be realized .

Besides, a lot of beauty ingredients indispensable for
women !

◆ Ornithine
◆ Citrulline
◆ Cinnamon Sake
◆ Cacao Extract
◆ Mangosteen Pericarp
◆ Royal Jelly
◆ Rose Hip End
◆ Ceramide
◆ Red Grapefruit Extract
◆ Lactobacillus
◆ Ferulic Acid
◆ L-Cystine
◆ Iron Chlorophyllin Sodium
◆ BCAA (Amino Acid)
◆ Vitamin A
Even more!
not all!

[Water-soluble dietary fiber]
[whey protein]

3 types of slimming component is

the inhibition of fat absorption
promotion of metabolism

to diet effect
»to exert !!« these a total of 47 kinds of abundant component is the most effective [ easy] training !! bust by the sleep hormone secretion of synergy did not grow up until now cutting board bust eh! What does this mean ? Growth does not stop! So as not to get irrevocable like this Please be careful not to inflate too much

This breast augmentation is the

last resort !
▼ ▼ ▼
↓ ↓ ↓

But it
just was repeated

any tits even in
the inner a moment [Big reduction] will be !! This milk tea of just for improvement has been [a total of 47 kinds] of luxury prescription by bona fide bust growth method as the with enthusiastic support you have gained! However!

Product name GraMaDonna Royal Milk Tea
Internal capacity 100 g
Raw material name Skimmed milk powder (including milk ingredients), black tea extract, indigestible dextrin, whipping powder (including soybeans), whey protein, tiger nut powder, edible yeast (manganese, zinc, copper, chromium, molybdenum , Selenium-containing), soybean germ extract, black cohosh extract powder, swine placenta extract powder, swine collagen peptide (including gelatin), wild yam extract powder, fenugreek seed extract, cabbage powder, red clover extract, L-ornithine hydrochloride, L-citrulline, cinnamon powder, hop tail powder, gamma-aminobutyric acid, powdered pear extract powder, red wine extract powder (containing resveratrol), jamu · gallien (white pepper, turmeric, dandelion, basil, Yamato), cacao extract end, Acai Extract At the end of the agar bean extract, the mangosteen peel extract, the sweet nest extract powder, the dried royal jelly, the end of the rose hip, the corn extract (containing the ceramide), the red vine leaf extract, the methyl salicylonyl methane, the rhodiola extract, the maca powder, the boron (Stevia), hyaluronic acid, L-arginine, ferulic acid (Boron) -containing yeast, powder of fennel, end of chest tree extract, lactic acid bacteria (sterilization), dextrin, pomegranate juice / trehalose, potassium chloride, fragrance, fine silicon oxide, , L-cystine, sodium iron chlorophyllin, L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, vitamin B6, vitamin E, betaine, vitamin A
Preservation method Please keep in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
How to take Take 5 g per day (about 2 tea spoon) as a guide, mix well with about 100 cc of hot water and enjoy. Please adjust the darkness as you like.
Usage notes ● Use dry spoons, please close the chuck firmly each time you use.
● After opening as soon as possible please enjoy.
● If you disagree with the constitution, please discontinue use.
● For food allergies please refer to raw material display.
● If you are taking medicine, those in the hospital please consult your doctor before use.
● If you are pregnant or lactating women, please do not use children.