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Subject Register Date
UPDATE : Pre-order NANO Collagen, Biogenie & Bird Nest Seller 2017-12-13
Our Freshness Policy (update) & How to Store Your Products Seller 2017-06-10
Our Refund & Return Policy Seller 2016-03-30
Place of origin
NANO JAPAN / JAPAN Condition New Product
Shipping From Domestic (Singapore)
Material Krill OIl from Antartica. Contains EPA, DHA, Omega 3. 100% Made in Japan
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, JCB Card, PayPal, E-Nets, AXS, Convenience Store, Cash Deposit, Q·account
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.(98710628 /
Return/Exchange Pickup & return item by seller (Return shipping company : Qxpress)
JANCode 4957699001954
Brief Description NANO KRILL OIL EPA 780mg/ DHA330mg, 90-CAPS. Contains Antarctica (South Pole) Krill Oil. Promotes brain, heart and artery elasticity. Highly recommended for working adults, elderly. Made in Japan
NANO JAPAN™ THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF EPA, DHA, Omega-3 Supplement for you and your family!
Country of Origin ............ AUTHENTIC ♪ 100% Made In Japan. Krill Oil from Antarctica (South Pole region)
Active Ingredients ........... COMPLETE ♪ Krill Oil origin EPA 780mg (bioavailable 5,070mg), DHA 330mg (bioavailable 2,145mg), raw Krill Oil (Red Asthaxantin/ Vitamin E Anti-oxidant) 5mg
Content/ Bottle ............. BEST VALUE ♪ 90-caps Capsugel™ Liquid Capsule (Licaps)
Capsule Benefits Stable - Do not react with oil content (anti-rancidity). Enteric coating - Go straight to intestine for full disintegration and absorption.
Recommended Dosage per day Take 3 to 6-caps per day regularly, everyday. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS!
How to Consume Highly Recommended to take before bed time with lukewarm water everyday for best results!
Produced and Tested HALAL-certified. Japan JHNFA-tested and GMP certified
User Advisory None known to date
Benefits (Details see listing below) (1) Helps improve artery elasticity (throughout body). (2) Promotes heart cardio functions (Prevents heart attack). (3) Reaches brain to boost neuro activity (Prevents stroke).
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Recommend packed n received well

packed nicely.............................


Mar 21, 2018
Mar 20, 2018
Mar 19, 2018
Mar 18, 2018

Recommend Usual good packaging

First time trying. Tried other pdts b4 and feels they are good.


Mar 15, 2018

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Highly Recommend Mar 23, 2018 ire*******
Highly Recommend Mar 23, 2018 Sta*******
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Highly Recommend Mar 21, 2018 cym*******
Recommend Mar 21, 2018 nic*******
Highly Recommend Mar 20, 2018 rri*******
Highly Recommend Mar 19, 2018 ghq*******
Highly Recommend Mar 19, 2018 nin*******
Highly Recommend Mar 18, 2018 kly*******
Highly Recommend Mar 16, 2018 t82*******

Item Q&A(67)

Question & Answer

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your purchase and kind patience.
We are still waiting fresh shipment to arrive and please take note that NANO Collagen, NANO Biogenie and NANO Bird Nest are pre-order (PO) at the moment as per stated. We will ship out your order once the new shipment arrive. We seek your kind understanding and patience.

P/S: If you did not order any NANO Collagen/ NANO Bird Nest/ NANO Biogenie, please ignore this message.

Million thank you and have a pleasant day.



- U are strongly advised to ensure that the user is not allergic to the product (ingredients) before placing any order.
- If the purchased product(s) is unsuitable to the intended user due to personal/medical/preferential reasons, we strongly recommend u to offer/gift the product to another person whom he/she will find suitable/favorable to enjoy.
- Be sure u store your products in a cool, dry location.
- Food/drinks items should be consumed completed within 6-8weeks upon the first opening.
2) NANO ROYAL JELLY: 01/11/2019
3) NANO FUCOIDAN: 27/08/2020
5) NANO DETOX: 01/10/2019
6) NANO DIET: 01/10/2019
7) NANO KRILL OIL: 14/07/2020
8) NANO RESVERA: No expiry.
9) NANO LACTO VV: 01/12/2019
11) NANO CARBOLITE: 01/01/2020


- Like retailers, food, drinks, personal care products cannot be exchanged, returned nor refunded due to hygiene reasons.
- Reasons not limited to purchased by mistake, promotion overlooked, medical conditions, allergies, purchase in excess will not be entertained.
- Refund due to buyer long absence will not be accepted and will be submitted to Qoo10 for blacklist.
- Buyers are encouraged to ensure the ingredients are not allergic to the intended user before purchasing.
- In the unlikely event that a refund/ return is accepted, the original item(s) must be shipped back to our premise first for inspection of condition. NANO JAPAN reserves the right to refuse refund/ return if the condition is unacceptable and/ or item is purchased more than 3 months.
- Only if acceptable, 15% of the purchase amount plus 2-ways delivery fees will be deducted.


- Please ensure that your FULL address, unit number postal code and contact number(s) MUST be clearly provided upon making your order.
- NANO JAPAN cannot be responsible for incorrect/ incomplete info provided and buyer will have to bear ALL costs of delivery, return and re-delivery.
- NO SPECIFIC DELIVERY DATE & TIME REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED due to service not available by Qxpress. But, if u have any delivery note to delivery man, pls state short+clear info in the address part NOT memo.
- Qxpress is NOT OBLIGATED to call before arrival.
- In the event of of wrong delivery address, long-absence, request for return/ refund/ exchange will not be entertained.
- Buyers are to track OWN orders online with tracking no. provided and contact NANO JAPAN immediately if verification is needed.
- We deeply regret any inconvenience caused and seek your appreciation for our continued dedication to make your online purchase experience with us a most pleasant one.


- NANO JAPAN generally does not encourage self-collection as reliable delivery services with online tracking number are provided.
- In unusual and rare circumstances, NANO JAPAN may accede to self-collection request out of good faith, by our staff at one single location i.e. EUNOS MRT station (area between control station and POSB bank).
- NANO JAPAN sincerely requests buyers to contact our appointed staff 15 minutes before arrival.
- Our staff will discreetly depart for lateness by buyers of more than 15 minutes maximum without prior notification.
- No further purchase, exchange request nor negotiation is possible at point of self-collection.
- Any request to seek insurance/ investment opportunity presentation, private dates and of similar nature will be deemed as harassment.
- No rebate for delivery will be given for self-collection due to voluntary request.


- We are committed to ensure the accuracy, quality and condition of your ordered products.
- Delivery services are provided by third-party. Any queries/complains/feedbacks pertaining to the delivery services can be directed to them directly and conveniently online.
- When receiving your parcel from NANO JAPAN, please CHECK and ENSURE that 1) The box is printed with our logo NANO JAPAN 2) Description on the waybill/consignment note such as name, address, cart number matches your details 3) Securely strapped 4) No sign of opening, tempering, damages or wetness.
- In the unfortunate event that you found your order quantity incorrect, condition unsatisfactory, do not be alarmed. Keep the box or cut-out the original waybill, delivery consignment note and also the weight sticker, total 3 pieces. Contact us immediately Q&A for investigation to commence.
- Any claim of missing/ incorrect items after 3-days of successful delivery by Qxpress WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.


- As promotions and/ or prices can be campaigned by Qoo10 and/ or sponsors, NANO JAPAN cannot be responsible when buyers do not find themselves enjoying the promotions they had hoped for due to technical glitches, promo time-lapsed and/ or absence.
- NANO JAPAN is committed to provide the highest quality products that complies with foods safety standards and regulations recognized from around the world and local authorities.
- Mutual respect is appreciated. We reserve the right to protect our co-worker from abuse, malign and/ or unfounded accusation.
- Any feedback and/ or complains can be first sought/ made with us directly on e-mail.
- Prompt actions not limited to police report and legal recourse will be taken if inappropriate/ abusive speech/ actions are conducted.
- We deeply regret for any inconvenience caused and seek your appreciation for our continued dedication to make your online purchase experience with us a most pleasant one


Secret Inquiry


Can check if allergy to aspirin or seafood can take this supplement?


Dear Customer,
Good afternoon to you. Thank you very much for interest in Nano Krill Oil! :D This product is developed for the benefit of improving arterial and coronary condition that may deteriorate from lifestyle and also aging. Other benefits include improving brain well-being against cognitive impairment also related to aging. :) It's a terrific product that you may not find in other! Generally, person allergic to seafood normally react to certain shellfish protein which can cause reaction such as rash or hives. In our opinion, Nano Krill Oil may not contain krill oil protein and should be safe to be used as such. However, to be sure, it is recommended you take 1-caps to apply on your skin and see if there's any itch or rash developing after 1 hour. If there's no reaction, u may consume 1-cap and again continue to observe. Increase to 2 and 3 to finally ensure your own suitability. :) Nano Krill Oil is also suitable for person allergic to asprin. Kindly be rest assured! :)


Need to put in the fridge? If taken during day time, before or after food? My children is 19 n 21 yrs need to take how many?. Tks.


Dear Customer,
Good afternoon to you. Thank you very much for your enquiry and interest. Nano Krill oil does not require refrigeration but it is necessary to store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. :) Best to take after food, before bed. For person up to age 21 years old, it is recommended to take 2-caps per day. For mature adults, they can take 3-caps per day. and for users who have existing age-related coronary condition including high blood pressure and cholesterol, it is recommended to take 3-caps twice a day. Once in AM and another in PM before bed with lukewarm water... :D Hope these advice helps. Wishing u a pleasant weekend too~ ^^D We are happy to serve u again soon. ^^3


I just received the krill oil capsules. I'm puzzled how come there is no seal at the rim of the bottle after I unscrew the cap. Is it authentic?


Dear Customer,
Good afternoon to you. Thank you very much for your recent purchase and enquiry. Thank you for your feedback. We understand and appreciate your recommendation. Indeed, we received similar feedback from other user and related the same to our Japan headoffice. Most amber glass bottle does not allow for the inner seal to be adhere. They are mostly available only in plastic bottle and in Japan, due to recycling issues, plastic bottles are designed to cost more than glass bottles. Therefore in Japan, many supplements are now sold in re-sealable pouches made from aluminum material which generally is believed to be more "recyclable" than plastic bottles. Nonetheless, the sealing is important so in our future shipments, we have specially requested for our Japan headoffice to provide neck shrink wrapper to ensure the confidence of buyers. P/S if u visit a Japan pharmacy, it is this way that u will find supplement in glass bottles... :) Thank you for your kind feedback once again.


I’ve 3 kids they are 11, 13 n 15. May I ask what’s the dosage for them? Thanks


Dear Customer,
Good afternoon to you. Thank you very much for your enquiry and it's exciting to know that you have 3 grown-up kids! ^^D and ages so close to one another too! WOW! U must be a very young mum too! OK For ur question about the dosage for them for Nano Krill Oil, it is possible for them to take 2-caps per day (up to age 21 years old). Nano Krill Oil can help them to further develop brain prowess and cognitive development. For adults 21 years old and above, it is recommended to take 3-caps per day. For additional info, for person with age-related heart/ coronary ailments, he/ she may take 3-caps twice a day, once in AM and another PM... :)
Wishing u a lovely weekend!


Hello, I been consuming the krill oil for close to a month. I experience fishy burp every time, few mins after consuming. Is this normal of krill oil? I thought krill oil should not cause fishy repeat like fish oil. Can you advice thanks.


Dear Customer,
Good afternoon to you. Thank you very much for your recent purchase and enquiry. What Nano Krill Oil contains is the concentrated extract of DHA and EPA from krill oil. For most krill oil supplement in the market, contains whole krill oil. In another words, the DHA, EPA or other nutrients content of the krill oil cannot be assayed or guaranteed. It might be more, it could be less. However, what is in Nano Krill Oil is the krill oil extracted purified DHA and EPA added to small amount of whole krill oil so that the actual amount of DHA and EPA is guaranteed so as to ensure clinically-sufficient dosage for the said benefits/ improvements. As the oil base excipient is a mixture of krill oil, fish oil, safflower oil, it, person who have stronger stomach acid, may occasionally experience fishy burps. To overcome this, it is recommended that you take Nano Krill oil not on empty stomach but probably after food which may also be 2-3 hours before ur bed time. It is acceptable. :)


i would like to Cancel this order and place another new order.

pls ignore this request, sorry..


Dear customer,

Good afternoon and thank you for many support.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further question.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.


Is this safe for pregnancy?


Dear customer,
Good morning to you~ Thank you so much for your interest! :D Of course, all pregnant mummies want your body to be as healthy as possible during pregnancy as a healthy mum increases the chances of delivering a healthy baby. :) Krill oil is rich with Omega 3, EPA, DHA and it krill comes from the antarctic crustacean. This actually makes krill a far superior source of omega-3, especially during pregnancy, as you will not have to worry about consuming those contaminants. :) Furthermore, krill oil, unlike any fish oil, it contains high levels of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a seriously powerful antioxidant that can help you protect your cells from damage. Protection from cell damage is crucial while a baby is growing in the womb. Taking omega-3 when you are pregnant means that your baby will also receive some of the positive mental health effects as well especially for the brain development. As for mummy, krill oil able to helps to reduce stress level during pregnancy too. ^^

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