Shop Info


Shop Info

  • 2littlepigs is a newly established shop that cater service and various goodies for consumer whom loves online shopping.
  • Address: (541191) 191A RIVERVALE DRIVE
  • Management staff: Ken
  • Seller shop address:
  • Employees:
  • Starting Capital:


  • E-mail
  • Phone number:+6591919821
  • Available during:10am - 9pm
  • E-mail is always available. Sms is welcome also.


EX) Q1. I've put items in cart. Later, I tried to order but I couldn't because they say it's sold out. Why is it for?

A. The last available goodies could have been sold out. But not to worry, as 2littlepigs wouldn't want our valuable

customers to be disappointed. Simply contact the shop manager by telephone or email and we will try our best to

get you the item.

EX) Q2. Can I order by telephone or e-mail?

A. Definetly yes,  2littlepigs would love our customers to place order through telephone or email. Because we believe

for the best service to be delivered, it could only be through voice or personal email whereby we will understand our

customers needs.

EX) Q3. What am I supposed to do if item doesn't arrive?

A. Feel free to contact us anytime if the item did not arrive at your address. To prevent such cases from happening,

2littlepigs would like to urge our customers place their order through telephone or email and we will deliver by own



  • Major Shipping company :
  • Usual Shipping period: For Singapore address 2 - 5 days
  • Shipping rate : Shipping rate can differ from item to item. Please see individual item page.
  • if you have any question about shipping,please e-mail us.
  • E-mail


  • If the item is spoilt upon receiving, please cantact us.

  • We don't accept the cases below:

    • - ex1) over 3days from receiving item
    • - ex2) if items are open/used
    • - ex3) sending item without prior contact