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Shop Info


  • E-mail
  • available during:
  • E-mail is always availaable and more recommended.


EX) Q1. I've put items in cart. Later, I tried to order but I couldn't because they say it's sold out. Why is it for?

A.When you place the item in your cart, it is not reserved. It will only be reserved when you confirm by making payment.

EX) Q2. Can I order by telephone or e-mail?

A.For bulk purchase or special order, please contact us at

EX) Q3. What am I supposed to do if item doesn't arrive?

A.You will be notified if there is delay in shipment of your item. 


  • Major Shipping company : China EMS ,DPEX,Singpost
  • Usual Shipping period: 3~5days or 7~12days
  • Shipping rate : Shipping rate can differ from item to item. Please see individual item page.
  • if you have any question about shipping,please e-mail us.
  • E-mail


  • If you want to get refund or return item you received,please cantact us.

    • - ex1) over 7days from receiving item
    • - ex2) if items are open/used or damaged
    • - ex3) sending item without prior contact