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  • Working hours:Mon-Fri 10:00am-4:00pm



  • Delivery : Qxpress
  • Delivery period : 6~12days
  • Average Shipment Time: 6 ~ 12days
  • Shipping rate : Shipping rate can differ from item to item. Please see individual item page.
  • Shipping: Shipping is set differently for each product, please refer to the product details page for details.
  • The customs duties : International orders are subject to duties and taxes, which are the responsibility of the customer and
    must be paid upon receipt of shipment.
    Contact your customs office for more information on duties, taxes and restricted products.
  • Tariff: If the goods are imported from Japan and the goods price is $ 150 (excluding shipping)
    Duties may be incurred. In the event of customs duties, the purchaser must pay the goods directly after payment
    Please note that if the goods are returned as a refusal to pay the customs duties, refund will be made after excluding shipping charges from Japan to Korea.

    The details of the customs levy and the billing fee are difficult to find in our shop.
    If you are unclear about the standard, or if you need detailed confirmation, please contact the buyer directly
    We recommend that you make a purchase decision after thorough review.

    Please note that even though our purchases are less than $ 150
    At the same time, orders placed at other sites or other merchant shops within Qoo10
    It is said that the customs tax may be incurred because it becomes the subject of the sum taxation in the same period.
    If you do not want to pay for the disposal of the following quantity limitation,
    We recommend you to repeat purchases with sufficient time
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  • Note the difference in voltage / 電圧の違いにご注意下さい
  • Japan: 100 V
    Korea: 220V


    일본의 콘센트를 사용하는 제품의 대부분은 100V입니다.
    한국과 중국의 220V 콘센트에서 사용하시면 고장의 원인이되므로 반드시 전압을 바꾸는 변압기를 함께 사용하세요.
    또한, 오므론 등 배터리만으로도 사용할 수있는 제품은 배터리만으로 이용을 권장합니다.
    만약 그 원인으로 고장 버리면 반품 · 교환 등의 보증을받지 않게되어 버리는 경우가 있으므로주의하시기 바랍니다.

    Many products using Japanese outlets are 100V.
    Please be sure to use a transformer that changes the voltage as it will cause malfunction if you use it at 220V outlet in Korea or China.
    In addition, we recommend that you use only batteries, such as Omron, which can be used only with batteries.
    Please be aware that there are cases where guarantees such as returned goods and exchanges will not be accepted if they break down due to the cause.


  • We don’t accept the cases below :

    • ・Over 7days from receiving item
    • ・If items are open/used or damaged
    • ・Sending item without prior contact
    • ・The round trip shipping fee required for replacement return will be paid by the customer
    •  ※Shipping from Japan can be bundled with reorder items. (Including returned goods of 2 kg or less)


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