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Shop Info


EX) Q1. Is your merchandise original?
  All our merchandise are genuine and original. We do not sell counterfeit merchandise as it lack credibility in safety               and product longetivity. Counterfeit merchandise are usually suspiciously cheap.
EX) Q2. What am I supposed to do if item doesn't arrive?

A. Kindly allow reasonable period of time before you raise concerns on the non-delivery. You can contact us as we will try our best to address your concerns.


  • Major Shipping company : Qxpress
  • Usual Shipping period: 3-5days
  • Shipping rate : Shipping rate can differ from item to item. Please see individual item page.


  • If you want to get refund or return item you received, please apply on my Qoo10. All shipping charges will be borne by buyer.

  • We don't accept the cases below:

    • - ex1) over 7days from receiving item
    • - ex2) if items are open/used or damaged
    • - ex3) sending item without prior contact.