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(Limited Time Sale)(Direct import from Japan) Suntory ROYAL JELLY + Sesamin E
(Limited Time Sale)(Direct import from Japan) Suntory ROYAL JELLY + Sesamin E
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  • Question : differenceApr 04, 2016

    Hi. What is the difference in the quality of product between Taiwan import and Japan import? Does both contain the same ingredients?

    If both consist of the same ingredients, why is japan import more expensive than taiwan import? Thanks!

    Answer : [Re] difference

    Hi I've only imported and consumed Japan imported Suntory Royal Jelly so I'm unable to advise you on this. However, since Suntory is a Japanese brand, I would trust the quality of the country of origin more.

  • Question : Is it the latest versionJan 20, 2016

    Hi would like to enquire if it is the new version? Thank you

    Answer : [Re] Is it the latest version

    Nope. The new version is not out yet.

  • Question : Why cannot buy 2?Dec 30, 2015

  • Question : ItemDec 15, 2015

    Hi,i saw this royal jelly on a taiwanese talk show but they say that there is a new and improved version,is this the new one?thanks.

    Answer : [Re] Item

    Hi, I'm not quite sure which episode of which Taiwanese talk show you are referring to but our stocks are from Suntory Japan so it should always be the most updated version. Thank you~

    Question : [Re] Item

    Hi,pls look at the attached pic,this is the new version of the royal jelly.do u sell this version?thanks.

    Answer : [Re] Item

    Nope. Since our stocks are from Suntory Japan, I'm not sure about the place of origin for this "new" version.

  • Question : DELIVERY - ORDER NO.158997155Dec 21, 2015

    8 days already, still have not ship out yet????? How long I need to wait???? Order no. 158997155

    Answer : [Re] DELIVERY - ORDER NO.158997155

    It's already sent out. Fresh stocks from Japan typically takes about a week. Please do not order if you can't wait. Thank you for your understanding.

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