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    rate: 75Got a Fright at first but now ok

    Tecno LPG Gas Hob TZ4000SV Review. Price includes Installation of new gas hob and Removal of old one. Seller Audio House called next working day after order was placed to inform earliest delivery and installation of gas hob in 2 working days' time if ok to go ahead. The installer delivered the new gas hob in a sealed box and advised that our LPG rubber hose and pressure regulator was old expired and offered to change for a fee of $85. Regret letting this installer do the change as later discovered our LPG gas cylinder supplier, Sun Gas was having promotion $30 cheaper to change both pressure regulator $45 plus rubber hose $10 (see photo of leaflet, tel no. 6565 6565) and the Sun Gas LPG cylinder delivering uncle always double check condition of our pressure regulator and rubber hose everytime he delivered a new gas cylinder to us. LESSON No. 1 -Before delivery of new gas hob, always call the regular LPG Gas Supplier to double check how much is the cost of changing the pressure regulator and rubber hose. This is my first experience buying a new gas hob. The installer sealed the base of the new gas hob with transparent silicon instead of using the plastercine strips that came in the gas hob box. One thing that made me mad with the installer was that after installation, he tested the gas hob switching on ignition and turning on the gas and he knew the ignition has some problem but he didnt tell me ... when he was getting me to acknowledge receipt and passed me the warranty card, he only said to register for warranty at Tecno website within 7 days. As this is my first experience with gas hob battery ignition, i thought it was maybe part of the design. Only after he left, I read the gas hob manual and then realised the battery ignition of most of the knobs had connection failure and called Audio House for help. Audio House responded and contacted Tecno to send repair technician. Tecno called me to arrange their Technician to visit in 2 days' time. Tecno Technician came and oiled the interior of the knobs and did numerous testing switching on and off, and gave advice on what to do should water flowed into any of the 4 burner base. Next day, we had difficulty igniting the largest burner again and called Audio House again for help and they contacted Tecno again. Again on next working day Tecno called us to arrange Technician visit in 2 days' time. Then next day, Tecno called again to bring forward their Technician visit. One positive thing about Tecno was that they made good Technician visit arrangements by checking and informing Buyer early. Impressed that a local business had such orderly arrangements. Got standard! This second time, Technician came 1 hour ahead of time and he had no problem igniting that largest burner and we were surprised as we had been trying for a few days and could not ignite. He then proceeded to tutor my mother and i on how to turn and press that largest burner knob as it was not as straightforward as the other 3 knobs. Next 3 days, i tested all the knobs 2-3 times a day until assured that the gas hob not spoilt in anyway before confirming delivery. LESSON No. 2 - Do not pay too much to the installer of gas hob just for removal of the old gas hob and the installation of the new gas hob as he just do simple job and do not repair anything plus he will charge extra in full cost for changing gas pressure regulator and rubber hose. This new gas hob releases more gas for burning so overall heating up is faster than our old gas hob and of course we have to call for new LPG cylinder more often since gas used up faster too. This gas hob is Made in Italy.

    Apr 12, 2019
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