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Decor Corner Clock
   Decor Corner Clock          

   Korea Handmade Decor
   Clock made with fine oak
   wood and processed to
   endure through time. A
   master piece, every piece
   comes with its unique

Premium Modern Clock
  Premium Modern
  Wall Clock          

   Korea Design Decor Wall 
   Clock, elevates the room
   interior. Providing quality 
   assured Wall Clock to 
   every room.

Grey Series Wall Clock

   Grey Series           
   Wall Clock

   Grey has been the Color  
   widely disucussed by
   interior designers. 
   Grey provides a soothing
   and neutral tone which
   helps the room looks 
   calming and cool.

White Series Wall Clock

   White Series          
   Wall Clock

   White Color are frequently  
   used to create minimalist
   look, with the simple 
   basic feature of the clock 
   emphasising that 
   less is more. 

Concrete Wallpaper

   Concrete Wallpaper        

   Concrete Wallpaper are 
   trending among the 
   interior home. As people 
   seek for more sleak and 
   cool vibe. The industrial 
   look also helps hide dust  
   and dirt.

Marble Print Wallpaper

   Marble Print                    

   Marble Print Wallpaper 
   never goes out of style.
   Marble has always been a 
   posh and elegant material
   often used within the

Plain Sheet Wallpaper

   Plain Sheet        

   Plain Sheet Wallpaper 
   are sought out by many
   as their versatility are  
   capable of many scenario
   and doesnt clash with
   your furniture. 

Tile Sheet Wallpaper

   Tile Sheet        

   Tile Sheet Wallpaper 
   allows for a mordern &
   retro blend. Capturing 
   both the old and new vibe.
   A nice blend into the corners
   of your home. 

Bricks Design Wallpaper

   Bricks Wallpaper        

   Bricks Design Wallpaper 
   are increasing popular
   among many homes, as 
   people seek "Cafe" like 
   structure within the
   premises of their house. 

Wood Sheet Wallpaper

   Wood Wallpaper        

   Wood Sheet Wallpaper 
   brings the nature into
   your household.
   With subtle hints of abstract 
   art, sure to enchance 
   your home aesthetics.

Patterns & Design Wallpaper

   Patterns & Design

   Patterns & Design Wallpaper 
   utilizes shapes and
   geometry to create unique
   designs. A Modern piece
   within your home. 

Gloss Sheet Wallpaper

   Gloss Sheet Wallpaper      

   Gloss Sheet Wallpaper 
   brings out a brighter tone
   and ambience in your home
   interior. Not only can it be 
   used as wallpaper, Small 
   objects can also be applied
   on to bring out the focus.

Gray Wallpaper
   "Gray" Wallpaper        

   "Gray" Wallpaper 
   selects shades of gray which
   matches the contempulary 
   designs. A Modern color which
   doesn't dull your home.

3D Mosaic Tile
   3D Kitchen / Bathroom   
   Mosaic Tiles        

   Beaustile Mosaic Tile  
   utilizes shapes and 
   geometry to create shades
   of gradient and design.
   Easy to cover up stains or
   crack within your
   kitchen / bathroom.

   Kitchen Sheet         

   MagicFix Kitchen added  
   aluminium backing to 
   prevent residue from
   sticking onto your wall.
   Easy and convient way
   to create a unique  
   backplash within 
   your kitchen.

   Clear Table Sheet    

   Go Stain-Free with  
   Clear Table Sheet 
   equip with anti-slip  
   friction pad. Not only
   can it be use on table
   top, you could also used
   it on flooring to prevent

   Water Activated          

   Non-Woven Material  
   based paper from 
   Germany. Easy to   
   construct, design into
   small managable size 
   wallpaper to allow for
   even beginner to do.

Manhattan Tin Tile

   Manhattan Tin                
   Foam Tile        

   Inspired by late 1906's
   Victorian style Tin Plates. 
   Allowing for one to achieve 
   antique with the fraction of 
   the price. Hassle free and 
   easy to install.

Metro Tile Sheet

   Metro  Foam
   Tile Sheet                

   Design taken from Newyork 
   subway tiles. Creating 
   sophistication and elegance 
   together to enchance your
   room interior.

Foam Brick

   Foam Brick        

   Premium Quality Foam 
   material capable of using   
   many scenario, Kitchen, 
   Feature wall, Bedroom 
   and Etc. Definetly a great 
   additional to your home. 

Foam Tile Strip

   Foam Tile Strip        

   Foam Strip are highly  
   versatile, able to form 
   wall waise border, 
   waiscoting, photo frame
   Great item for simple 
   renovation or simply to
   add on to your interior 



   New Collections of Wall Decor
   With New Inspiring Design and
   Exciting Concept.

   Now Panels Comes in



   A New Collections of Molding
  enables for easy wainscoting,
  Photo frame, and waise border

  Easy Renovation, Easy DIY 

      Foam Decor Tile                    
     Bakuta Foam Decor Tile Series
     With classics collection like White Brick
     to Grey and Scrap panels.

      Foam Panel                    
     Bakuta Foam Panel allows for easy
     wall waist /border. Design in a manner  
     where the panels could be torn apart 

      Foam Scrap Stone                    
     Scrap Stone series provides a realistic
     3D rough edge look, with same cushioning 
     foam. Highly suitable for household with 
     young children or elderly.




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