Carbon Vinyl Stickers


Have you been searching high and low for cheap and and good quality vinyl stickers? Fear not, we're finally here to satisfy your needs! Our products are very durable and can withstand all kind of weathers. Up to 4 years for exterior and 8 years for interior.
 3D carbon fiber vinyl film is not just any cheap imitation vinyl, it is a high quality three-dimensional textured vinyl that reflects light exactly the same way like just how real carbon fiber parts do. It has a self-adhesive back and will stick to any surface such as cars, bikes, bicycle, laptop and cellphone. Guess what? It also can be removed and re-applied numerous times without losing its adhesion. 3D carbon fiber vinyl film is also water resistant and UV stable, so applying it to exterior surfaces such as a hood, spoiler, or the whole car is not an issue. Stickers are of dimension :- 1.52M x 1M (any length)

* We also do supply services such as wrapping of the exterior of your car. Do take note that additional labour charges applies.

*Exterior :- Bonnet, Roof, Mirrors

*Interior :- Subject to viewing.




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