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    rate: 75Item received

    Ordered one size bigger and fitted well. Hope is comfy.

    Nov 29, 2017
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    rate: 100Cute!!!!

    Long waited item . Love this shoes very much !! Last month wanted to buy however no stock for it . Finally I got it this month and it is really very cute :)

    Nov 01, 2017
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    rate: 100(∩ˊᵕˋ∩)・*very cυтe♡

    ---update--- After I squeezed and tried to make this pair of shoes softer .. it did become much better and comfortable . Wearing a pair of socks also helped a lot. ---original review--- ѕнoeѕ caмe wιтнιn 3 worĸιng dayѕ. very ғaѕт ѕнιppιn ғroм тaιpeι cιтy. ι waѕ ѕυrprιѕed. ѕнoeѕ were well мade. тнe only тнιng waѕ тнaт тнey are a вιт ѕмall even тнoυgн тнιѕ ιѕ тнe ѕιze ι alwayѕ geт. Мayвe aғтer wear тнeм a ғew тιмeѕ wιll вe вeттer ѕιnce тнe leaтнer ιѕ qυιтe ѕтιғғ now. тнe ғυnny тнιng waѕ тнaт мy leғт ғooт ғelт oĸ. only тнe rιgнт waѕ тoo тιgнт. (and мy rιgнт ғooт ѕυppoѕe тo вe ѕмaller тнan тнe leғт. and мayвe waѕ dυe тo нoт weaтнer мade мy ғeeт ѕwell) ѕo ι ѕυggeѕт any one wнo ιѕ geттιng тнιѕ deѕιgn go ғor a ѕιze larger тнan υѕυal. anyway ѕнoeѕ caмe wιтн paddιngѕ. oтнer тнan тнιѕ, ι aм тoтally ѕaтιѕғιed . ι aм a нυge ғan oғ dιѕney cнaracтerѕ. cнιp&dale are ѕo cυтe on тнιѕ paιr oғ ѕнoeѕ. jυѕт вy waтcнιng тнeм мaĸe мe ғeel нappy. ιт dιd noт coмe wιтн any ғree мιnnιe тoтe вag, wнιcн waѕ dιѕppoιnтιng. really love тнaт Мιnnιe тoтe вag. ιn any way ι can geт ιт? now ι aм plannιng тo geт dιѕney ѕlιpperѕ ғor мy daυgнтer and мyѕelғ. ѕneaĸerѕ alѕo ιn мy ѕнoppιng lιѕт. нope ѕeller can вe generoυѕ тo allow υѕ нavιng ғree gιғтѕ тoo. 希望以後也可以有米妮包贈品。ѕeller dιd ιnclυded ѕмall pacĸ oғ Jpaneѕe ѕĸιn care Ѕoғιna ѕaмple ғor мe. тнanĸ yoυ. вυт ι really preғer тнe мιnnιe тoтe вag. anyway тнe wнole eхperιence on pυrcнaѕιng ғroм GraceGΙҒТ waѕ preттy good. ι aм a тaιwaneѕe, ѕo нappy тo ѕee тaιwaneѕe coмpanιeѕ are doιng well. тнanĸ gracegιғт ғor мaĸιng ѕнoppιng тaιwaneѕe prodυcтѕ poѕѕιвle. ( ᵒ̴̶̷͈ ▿ ᵒ̴̶̷͈ )

    Oct 26, 2017
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