Thinking of how to make your home decoration stands out from the others ? We have just the right solution for you.

NodeStick first started in 2013. With the belief that home is the central of life, we understand how important it is to portray the dream place of yours. Over at NodeStick, we offer easy to minimal maintenance required wall murals, wallpapers, photo canvas, glass stickers to enhance the overall look of your home or office.

Consumer Assurance

A good alternative for wall painting, our products are imported from Taiwan, Korea & Germany. To ensure the accuracy and quality of end product, print test is done based on the actual ratio of wall perimeter to achieve the best printing result. We also offer customised wallpaper of your chosen picture to be printed. You may opt for self-adhesive or paper-backed wall mural depending on your needs. Only that, we pick the best material to print as NodeStick Wall Mural.

Benefits of Using Wall Mural

Wall Mural is a recent innovative idea to allow any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall or ceiling. You may now put your favourite pictures, or an art work by famous artist right on your wall. Despite those limited choice where you can choose from default galleries, Wall Mural allows you to select any images you like for your home. You can also create the entire atmosphere of a country or scenery right in your house.

Business Partnership/Printing Services

Need to outsource your company’s design for printing services ?

At NodeStick, we offer printing services for event banners, photo canvas, interior design wall decorations and more!


Feel free to contact us for further business discussion.