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Also known as the Blooming teas - these teas are almost 100% handmade !!! 

Experience how the flower bloom in your cup

The most amazing thing about this tea is as you brew it, you have the joy of watching the tea leaves and flowers unfurl and bloom into such a beautiful sight. Put just 1 of the tea into a tall glass (transparent) , so you can enjoy the sight of tea leaves absorb water, allowing the flowers room to bloom. 

Poor hot water over the tea, most people brew it for 3-5 minutes.  We recommend you don't worry about it too much and just enjoy the experience of watching the tea leaves unfurl and the flowers come into bloom.  It is just so captivating to watch and the joy is however long you brew this tea for, it won't become bitter.

Children also love the special time with their parents who have taken the time to make and serve the tea and to enjoy it, along with pleasant conversation about their day.

Serve the tea in special teapots with small, sturdy mugs or cups. Tiny sandwiches, small frosted cookies and fruit salad are ideal accompaniments to the pots of tea.




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