Welcome, to a humble shop.

A hermit's crafts, loaned from Nature.

Limited in number, but not in thought.

Vials of Nature, distilled pleasure.

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Vial of Nature - Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, Topaz

A  sprinkle of gems glisten in pure essential oil.

Glass, cork, and cotton string complete this union of Nature's distills, a refined joy.

Sealed with wax, an ode to rustic nostalgia.

What is a Vial of Nature? What can I do with it?

It is a charm, imbued with blessings of Nature, with aromatherapeutic properties.

Bring it with you, place it in your bag, your room, your transport, just wherever you want to.

A Vial of Nature offers you convenience, healing, and appreciation of Nature.

Can I choose the essential oil to imbue in the Vial of Nature?

Your pick, by all means, from the following selection of therapeutic grade essential oils (limited availability):

  • Agarwood (strong, emcompassing and woody)
  • Cedarwood (muted, sweet and woody)
  • Cypress (crisp and woody)
  • Grapefruit (sharp, fresh citrus)
  • Juniper berry (fresh and woody)
  • Pomegranate (sweet and tangy)
  • Rosemary (sweet and balmy)
  • Spearmint (fresh and clean)
  • Sweet orange (sweet citrus)
  • Ylang Ylang (sweet, intoxicating)


  • A Vial of Nature measures 1 cm wide and about 2.5 cm tall (about 2.5 cm tall as the cork stopper, which is made of natural wood, varies slightly in height).
  • Gems are works of nature, so their size and color may vary. Nevertheless, each vial is crafted for the best balance and visual appeal. After all, the hermit wants you to enjoy the Vial of Nature as much as, or even more than he does.
  • You may find excess molten wax around the cork. This is to ensure the volatile essential oils do not escape, especially so during delivery. Better a good dip of wax than an empty Vial of Nature, the hermit reckons.




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